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Auditions for "The Tempest"

General Information

Curtain Call Youth Theatre will be holding auditions for its Fall Teen Production of William Shakespeare's magical comedy, "The Tempest".  

A unique and intimate production using gender-bending casting. Set in 1941 in London during a rainy evening during an on-air program on the BBC radio station during one of the worst storms and WWII raids London has ever seen. As the evening progresses and the on-air talent and production staff tries to carry on, the line between reality and fiction blurs and we, as the audience, are swept into the magical world of the tempest.


November 30 - December 2. All performances at 8pm.


(Auditions, Rehearsals, Performances): Playhouse 101, 28720 Canwood St #108, Agoura Hills 91301

REHEARSALS: Weekends Only (until Tech Week). Saturdays, 10am - 2pm and Sundays, 4pm - 7pm (extra times may be added onto exhisting days, if needed).


Audition Information

Saturday, September 2 from 10am - 2pm. 

Appointments are highly recommended. But walk-ins will be seen, time permitting. 


Please prepare a monologue for the auditions and be familiar with the play as cold readings may occur.

To book an audition appointment CLICK HERE  or go directly to http://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0d49abab2ca75-thetempest

More Information

For any questions or futher information, email us at: curtaincallyt@aol.com



  • PROSPERO (gender neutral) is our main character, and it may be said that nearly everything that happens on the stage is a creation from their mind; that we are watching an aging wordsmith create their last work. Crazed, gentle, parental, jealous, vengeful, remorseful - and a tempest of other emotions. Through the course of the play, they come to peace with the end of their life's work and quits the stage. 
  • ARIEL (gender neutral) is Prospero's muse, who has been bound to Prospero for the past several decades. By turns puckish, impudent, sorrowful, and sprightly, Ariel longs for freedom from Prospero's control - although not necessarily from Prospero themself.
  • MIRANDA (female) is Prospero's secretary in "real life," and his daughter in the world of the play. She is a budding writer herself, a little cheeky, and a romantic. She writes herself a romance in Ferdinand, partly as a way of disentangling herself from her parent-mentor, Prospero.
  • FERDINAND (male) is the strong, handsome and simple son of Alonso, who is brought to the Island by Miranda and Prospero to woo and win Miranda. In some ways, he's a representation of Prospero when he was a young author, wide-eyed and fearless.
  • CALIBAN (gender neutral) is Prospero's darker self who drinks, swears, and swears vengeance on Prospero for controlling them. A cruel manifestation Caliban, too, longs for freedom and seeks it by taking up with two fools and inciting them to kill Prospero. While there is much that is visceral and vicious about Caliban, they are also a sympathetic creature since Prospero has never dealt with them except by abuse. (Think The Witch in “Into The Woods”). 
  • TRINCULO (gender neutral) is Alonso's "jester," or for our purposes an aging boozy-floozy, the sort you'd find wasting away on a piano in a seedy bar. Comical, terrified of everything, and there's something pathetic about them.  
  • STEPHANO (gender neutral) is Alonso's drunken butler, very broad and jovial, and absurdly commanding. (Think Sir Toby from Twelfth Night, Falstaff from Henry IV, Bottom from A Midsummer Night's Dream, etc.) He is the foolish form of majesty and although he is incited by Caliban to kill Prospero, they are more concerned with the moment and having a good time to be that much of a threat. 
  • ANTONIO (gender neutral) is Prospero's usurping sibling, who proves their continued ambition by inciting Sebastian to overthrow Alonso, and from there to overthrow the island. Although by the end, Prospero forgives Antonio, it's unclear whether Antonio ever feels remorse for what s/he did. The villain of the show. 
  • ALONSO (gender neutral) is the King or Queen of Naples, and the parent of Ferdinand, who joined with Antonio to maroon Prospero. Lately, they have been feeling guilty for their part in destroying Prospero, and is therefore on the path to redemption. 
  • SEBASTIAN (gender neutral) is Alonso's sibling, who longs to rule Naples in Alonso's place. S/he is incited to do so by Antonio, but thwarted by Ariel. 
  • BOATSWAIN (gender neutral) is the driver of the “boat” who goes head-into the storm. The actor will be used throughout the show, possibly in other roles.  

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